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Sensoric - With Love For Your Child

To meet the needs of our customers Sensoric has created a wide range of weighted products which aim is to help in therapy of various types of disorders and dysfunctions.

Our products are used in the treatment of irregularities in the processing of sensory stimuli (SI therapy), as well as in abnormal functioning of the various areas of development (autism, Asperger's syndrome, Down's syndrome). They are essential not only in the course of therapeutic activities, but also in everyday life.

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Concerned about the safety of our small customers all the products are made of anti-allergic and one hundred percent natural materials (high-quality cotton, anti-allergy contribution load). All products are tailored to the individual needs of each child, based on the recommendations of the therapist.

Guided by the principle that "This what is healthy does not have to be boring," we want to make our products, in addition to therapeutic applications, also attractive for their very small users. Therefore, we focus on the joyful children's patterns as well as youth style.


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