Weighted Pillow

It is used during activities that require long concentration from the child. It stimulates child’s proprioceptive system. Deep stimulation of this system calms child’s organism especially for children who have difficulties with regulation of their behaviour.

Pillow is put on child’s knees during activities which require sitting position.

It is made of antiallergic and natural materials (highest quality cotton, antiallergic weighted filling) with adjustable length Velcro, strengthened with additional layer of white cotton inside of the product.

Weight depends on child’s weight or individual therapist recommendation.

In case of weight above 2,5 kilogram size and price are agreed individually.

Products can be washed in water with delicate detergents. They should be dried spread in horizontal position. Do not dry mechanically and do not chlorinate.

Modern style, interesting patterns and a variety of colour combinations provide their users with additional visual impressions.

On customer’s request product can be packed in material bag with handle perfect for safe storage.

100% cotton
patterned fabric
one coloured fabric
glass granulate
Rectangle (30cm x 50cm)
Rectangle (40cm x 60cm)