Sensory bags

They are used during therapy dedicated to develop child’s motoric perception as well as during corrective activities
(tossing, crushing, weight transfer, hitting the target, etc.). They perfectly excite children’s imagination,
they can also be used for educational purposes, learning of colours.

It can be a great tool in the work of the therapist , as well as an interesting way of having fun at home.

They deliver many visual (patterned fabrics combined with smooth elements)
and sensual (various facture of fabric, granulate filling of part of the toy, rustling and humming elements) impressions.

The set contains 5 bags with dimensions of 10x15cm.

Products can be washed in water with delicate detergents. They should be dried spread in horizontal position.
Do not dry mechanically and do not chlorinate.

cotton , corduroy , fleece Minky , velor
glass granulate thick and thin