“INTEGRAKI” animals are perfect combination of therapeutical help and cheerful toy. Though they are made for children with various disorders and dysfunctions, all children reach for them with joy.

They deliver many visual (patterned fabrics combined with smooth elements) and sensual (various facture of fabric, granulate filling of part of the toy, rustling and humming elements) impressions. They enable development of small motoric engaging child in bonding laces of the vest, for the least.

They are made of antiallergic and natural materials (highest quality cotton, antiallergic weighted filling, flic, plastic decorative elements for 3+ version).

3+ animals are dedicated for children older than 3 years old due to danger of child swallowing small pieces of the toy.

0–3 animals are dedicated to children at all age.

100% cotton, jeans, felt
Glass granulate, non-woven
Age 0 -3
Age 3+